The F-15SG: Singapore Air Force’s Pride and Glory

Based on the F-15 Strike Eagle, the F-15SG is the highly advanced multi-role combat aircraft equipped with the most technologically sophisticated avionics and weapon systems provided to an F-15 aircraft.

Selected by Singapore as a replacement of its A-4SU Skyhawk, the F-15SG is the latest combat aircraft based on the F-15E Strike Eagle. The development and production contract was awarded to Boeing in December 2005 which included 12 firm aircraft with an option for eight additional fighter jets to be executed at a later date.

In early January 2006, the Government of Singapore selected General Electric F110-GE-129 engine rated at 29,000 pounds of thrust to power the F-15SG.

In April 2006, Boeing selected Lockheed Martin to provide Sniper Advanced targeting pods, Tiger Eyes navigation pods, and an Infrared Search and Track (IRST) System for the Republic of Singapore F-15SGs.

Last April 5 of this year, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Defense Teo Chee Hean officiated inauguration ceremony of 149 Squadron at Paya Lebar Air Base. He also expressed gratitude to his USAF counterparts, who were very helpful as they taught the Singapore team about the aircraft.

According to Lieutenant-Colonel (LTC) Kelvin Khong, Commanding Officer of 149 Squadron who flew one of the F-15SG aircraft back to Singapore from the US, hard work was a major component that helped the crew get up to speed during their training.

“It wasn’t easy because the F-15SG has a lot of capabilities, which also means it has a lot of systems. For many of us, who were previously operating the F-5 and F-16 aircraft, there were a lot of things that we had to learn, such as the more advanced systems on board. It took a lot of studying and hands-on practice on our part,” Khong said.

The F-15SG can carry two crewmembers. It has a height of 5.6m, length of 19.5m, and a wingspan of 13m.



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